A family concern with a tradition and a reputation for quality and a commitment to maintain it. And a basket full of well established different product brands to satisfy the needs and requirements of its valuable clients.


Behind every AFPC product is heritage, quality consistency and dedication and that is what kept it in the market for so long, and it is AFPC's commitment for the future to expand with different products and penetrate new markets.


Dreams are the foundation for the coming generations and AFPC is part of making them come true, always keeping in mind that the customer is King, the product is the judge and the employee the devoted subject.


With the competitive market of today, quality consistency & client satisfaction has to be maintained. AFPC is achieving and enhancing that by having a close relationship & cooperation with its ISO Certified suppliers, by adding new modern machinery, continuously training its employees, and by implementing a quality assurance system which is in compliance with ISO 9000.


With a six-story building situated at a strategic location in Beirut, and 7,700m2 in working space of which 500m2 are offices. AFPC employs 110 well educated, qualified, dedicated and ambitious people enjoying a good team spirit with a strong cultural background.

Besides emphasizing the trained work force and the planned and well-organized documented manufacturing system AFPC is also strongly emphasizing the use of modern technological machines, which was purchased or developed recently. The use of these machines does not only guarantee the production efficiency & reduction in production costs, but assures the continuity of product quality in order to fulfill historical standards and clients satisfaction.